Privacy Policy

Droneography Aerial Imaging (“Droneography”) is a provider of aerial imaging and analytics solutions to commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational clients.

Droneography does not conduct surveillance or gather personal information of any kind. However, in the course of our work, we may inadvertently capture images of individuals in public spaces. It is Droneography’s policy to take reasonable measures to avoid any invasion of personal privacy and the creation of any such inadvertent images.

To those ends, whenever we operate in a location where individuals have an expectation of privacy (for example, where we are gathering images of the side of an apartment building for maintenance planning purposes), it is our policy to provide timely public notice to local residents or other concerned persons.

It is also our policy to destroy or blur any recognizable images of individuals which we may inadvertently collect in the course of our work.

Contact us HERE with any privacy questions.

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