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Ever thought about using epic cinematic footage and data analytics for these exciting uses?

Media & Communications
- Wedding Cinematography
- Entertainment (film, TV, internet)
- Advertising/Marketing
- News Photography
Urban Planning & Real Estate
- Property Videography
- Mapping (archeology, resource, topography)
- Landscape Planning/Design
- Construction Management
Environmental Management
- Invasive Species Assessment
- Scientific Research
- Wildlife & Habitat Monitoring
- Enviro Impact Assessment
- Pest & Disease Detection
- Precision Ag Operations
- Inspection (infrastructure, structural, industrial)
- Documentation (accident reporting, building verification, site status)
Recreation & Entertainment
- Group Activities/Events
- Sports/Coaching Analytics
- Extreme Sports Activities (BMX, Skateboarding, White Water Rafting, ATVs, etc)

Wedding Aerials by Droneography | Film by Summerfield Films

Port Union Mural:

Interview with Flystro Marketplace

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